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I don't care to discuss who beat who or won what, but tennis5 is correct on all of the tournament descriptions. A sectional level tournament that awards national points may be called a Level 3, 4, or 5, but it is not on the same tier as a true National Level 3 (there aren't National Level 4 and 5s, just sectional) where registration is open to everyone in the country. It is not considered a "National." This is evidenced by the points received nationally, at one versus the other. A Level 3 National pays off many more points than a Sectional tournament that gives some national points called a Level 3.

Regardless of section, the level of play at a National Level 3 is completely different than a sectional event that offers national points. A player may win a sectional in any section, but may or may not be competitive in a National event. (This may not be as true with the new restructuring with Segments now as the competitive level of the Level 3 National has dropped.)

When a junior wins a National Level 1, 2 or 3, that has much more challenge, reward and prestige than any sectional tournament, in any section. If you say your player won a National, when it is in fact a sectional tournament, you will get some funny looks and they will assume you do not understand the system.

The only thing I disagree with tennis5's last post is that our player did win a Level 1 and I wouldn't want anything more than this mention on this forum. Players read this too, and much of the banter regarding individual juniors from a parent/coach or others, often times seem inappropriate. But free speech rules, just my opinion.
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