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Originally Posted by mojojojo View Post
I don't care to discuss who beat who or won what, but tennis5 is correct on all of the tournament descriptions. A sectional level tournament that awards national points may be called a Level 3, 4, or 5, but it is not on the same tier as a true National Level 3 (there aren't National Level 4 and 5s, just sectional) where registration is open to everyone in the country. It is not considered a "National." This is evidenced by the points received nationally, at one versus the other. A Level 3 National pays off many more points than a Sectional tournament that gives some national points called a Level 3.
MJ, I respect your opinion, but you are incorrect on this one. Socal Sectional Championships are L1 for sectional rankings and carries L3 national ranking points. The points awarded to the champion of a National L3 is currently 220 points (200 for 2012 as shown in table below).

Now look at the the national record of this year's winner below (Sectional Championships is in June). It clearly shows he got 220 points with all SigW bonus points, just like he would have had he won a regional level 3. BTW, if you look at his schedule closely, you will see that this kid travels the country to play almost exclusively ITF and national events. Obviously not "no big deal" to him and his family.

And last FYI, the designated events in Socal do include tournaments offering national L4 and L5 points.
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