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Originally Posted by mojojojo View Post
. A sectional level tournament that awards national points may be called a Level 3, 4, or 5, but it is not on the same tier as a true National Level 3 (there aren't National Level 4 and 5s, just sectional) where registration is open to everyone in the country. It is not considered a "National." This is evidenced by the points received nationally, at one versus the other. A Level 3 National pays off many more points than a Sectional tournament that gives some national points called a Level 3..
From a factual standpoint you are clearly wrong. Each section has one sectional tournament per year that awards the same number of national points as a Level 3 national. This is a link to the SoCal tournament where it states this fact.

As far as the opinion part of your post letís look at the top 8 seeds from the boys 16s draw of the SoCal Sectional

1. Garcia, Gregory 5 star junior (#46)

2. Hewko, Abraham 5 star junior (#43)

3. Dawson, Drew blue chip sophomore (#30)

4. Menichella, Stefan 5 star junior (#39)

5. Bellamy, Robbie 5 star junior (#41)

6. Smith, Logan blue chip freshman (#2)

7. Chiu, William 4 star junior ( #95)

8. Kim, Edward 4 star senior (#183)

National Level 3 tournament the same month

Top 8 seeds

1. Garay, Christian blue chip sophomore #20

2. Benton, Wood 5 star sophomore #45

3. Teague, Dallas 3 star junior #210

4. Evertsen, Parker 4 star junior #186

5. Showers, Will 5 star sophomore #34

6. Harris, Christian 4 star junior #104

7. Yates, Trey 5 star sophomore #61

8. Gotkowski, Trevor 3 star junior #212

Go ahead and make your case as to why the SoCal sectional tournament is easier than the National Level 3.
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