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Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
From a factual standpoint you are clearly wrong. Each section has one sectional tournament per year that awards the same number of national points as a Level 3 national. This is a link to the SoCal tournament where it states this fact.

As far as the opinion part of your post let’s look at the top 8 seeds from the boys 16s draw of the SoCal Sectional

1. Garcia, Gregory 5 star junior (#46)

2. Hewko, Abraham 5 star junior (#43)

3. Dawson, Drew blue chip sophomore (#30)

4. Menichella, Stefan 5 star junior (#39)

5. Bellamy, Robbie 5 star junior (#41)

6. Smith, Logan blue chip freshman (#2)

7. Chiu, William 4 star junior ( #95)

8. Kim, Edward 4 star senior (#183)

National Level 3 tournament the same month

Top 8 seeds

1. Garay, Christian blue chip sophomore #20

2. Benton, Wood 5 star sophomore #45

3. Teague, Dallas 3 star junior #210

4. Evertsen, Parker 4 star junior #186

5. Showers, Will 5 star sophomore #34

6. Harris, Christian 4 star junior #104

7. Yates, Trey 5 star sophomore #61

8. Gotkowski, Trevor 3 star junior #212

Go ahead and make your case as to why the SoCal sectional tournament is easier than the National Level 3.
This national Level 3 that you picked out is the regional L3 from July 9th.
As has been discussed, at great length, on this board, that if you want junior to earn points aging up - this is one of the best options.
The July 9th L3 is so weak as they increased the number of sites for that tournament, and it is one that everyone plays up on.

In particular, of the L3 July 9th tournaments Boy 16's,
this one was one of the weaker ones.

We also spoke at great length, that the good thing about the 2012 changes is that every section would be under the same point system.
I had pointed out, in previous posts, that some juniors had higher national points (all from their sectionals) than other kids who played the nationals, and that each section did not seem to have the same point system.

I personally have exhausted this subject.

Good luck to DB in his sectional quest.

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