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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
First, you stated that a sectional is a Level 3, it is not....

It is a level 5, and only open to kids in that section....

( that is a very important distinction....).

Winning a sectional is no big deal... because you are not dealing with

Level 3 is open to all kids across the nation, but that being said, L3 are not that strong either. L3 are also pretty low on the totem pole of points.
I offer just the facts about the distinctions between the levels,
and in I get nasty barbs in return.

and if they disagree......... back up their debate with factual information so that it is a learning experience for all.
Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
This national Level 3 that you picked out is the regional L3 from July 9th.

The July 9th L3 is so weak as they increased the number of sites for that tournament, and it is one that everyone plays up on.

I had pointed out, in previous posts, that some juniors had higher national points (all from their sectionals) than other kids who played the nationals, and that each section did not seem to have the same point system.

I personally have exhausted this subject.
You offer just the (wrong) facts but when presented with (correct and documented) factual information you decide you have exhausted the subject.

All sections have awarded the same number of national points for their sectional tournament. This has not changed. Each section has one tournament per year that awards national points as a L3 National. This has not changed. So far your facts have been wrong twice.

You make the claim that winning a SoCal Sectional is No Big Deal and that L3 national have entrants from all over the country and are obviously more difficult. Then when presented with the actual entries from a L3 National you say that the L3 tournaments are weak. Which is it?

Winning a SoCal sectional is a very big deal.
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