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Originally Posted by DaDave View Post
Lloyd and Joey swayland will play 1 and 2 from understanding. Texas just doesn't have anyone good at 5 and 6. Chen and holiner And sitiram arent panning out. Though holiner has a few more yrs to improve.

Texas will be good next yr. they should have a good chance on another great kid for next yr!
Most likely off on all accounts.
Texas is not that bad that 2 random 18 y/o foreigners will walk in and play 1 and 2. You probably thought Sitaram would play 1 when he came over too . Most likely Chen is a better player than these guys.

These guys will def help (hell a warm body would help). At best though, they'll be playing 3-4 in the spring. Which makes Texas solid at 5-6.
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