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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
He does look pretty legit. Georgia could be the 3rd favorite this year after the big 2. And with the NCAA's in Athens... who knows. They will be weak at 2 and 3, but are pretty deep. Spencer used to be a little weak at #1 but he has improved recently.

Wagland beat Vinsant(who beat Bangoura recently) in a match. Wagland could be top 5 in the line-up as well
They play OSU in February after Indoors. That should be a pretty good indicator. I still think Kentucky will give them a run for the SEC title. I don't think their true advantage will be until the NCAA's. That crowd adds a whole new component.

As for their lineup, I'm interested to see where KU lands. He was 2/3 when healthy at Illinois. I don't think he would fall lower than 3 at Georgia. I definitely agree with you about their middle of the lineup not being explosive. Probably Spencer, Doumbia, Singh, Pasha, Taboada, Pieters.
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