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Originally Posted by dannykl View Post
Yes Sue's forehand is quite good with that old-fashioned racket.
Very few big forehand at that time.

It's interesting that so few top women players really have an outstanding top-tier forehand.

More women have an top-tier backhand but not forehand. For example Hingis, Serena, Seles, Evert.

Henin, Lindsay and Martina N have relatively balanced high quality forehand and backhand.Still their forehand is not at the same league as Graf. Actually although their forehands are great, they are still far behind the first-class standard of Graf's.

We normally have many competitors for best backhands in each era but when think of forehand, the shortlist is much limited and it's usually like Court for 60's, Barker for 70's and Graf from the 80's.

Is it because it's more difficult to develop and master a standing out first class forehand than a backhand? Why we see more top class backhand candidates in the backhand department(Seles, Serena, Hingis, Henin, Evert, Sabatini....) but only very limited candidates for best forehand(Court for 60's, Barker for 70's and Graf from 80's)?
Very interesting, and you are right...Vicario,Novotna and some others not mentioned (Cawley,King) had better BH than FH.But in the FH side, you forgot Mandlikova, on of the greatest all time FH (men and women)
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