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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Had a quick hit with RIP Control 1.20 this evening. Really quite a unique (or dare I say, unusual) string. Doesn't feel like a typical multi at all and neither does it feel like a solid core / wrapped synthetic gut either. Very little feel to it, and the ball leaves the stringbed pretty quickly - almost poly like - though obviously without the stiffness. Low powered. Resists string movement pretty well. Makes a bit of an unusual higher pitched 'bok' sound on contact with the ball too!
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Your description fits my experience with that string almost perfectly.
I just recently went back and looked at some of my stringing notes on Multi-feel so will chime in. I had Tennis Elbow at the time and the Multi-feel is very comfortable. I tried both the 16 and 17 and oddly liked the 16 a little better. I have also read others comments stating the same for some reason in this string. For a while there Multi-feel got a lot of buzz on the boards so there are quite a few comments on it if you go back a way...seems to have died down now. Its a nice comfortable all around string IMHO...good power and okay but not great spin.

The Head Rip control is as quoted above and vs. the Multi-feel I would say much firmer feeling, lower powered but more spin. Almost cordlike feel when stringing...not hard to string...just different feeling. I didn't really like the feeling of playing with it though I know it has fans...probably mostly as a substitute for poly. I think the low power lets people hit out and generate more spin with control.

I would think a flatter hitter looking for comfort, power and touch would like the Multi-feel better. A bigger topspin hitter that likes to really swing out from the baseline would probably like the Rip Control better...truly a string where the name describes it pretty well I think! Hope this helps.
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