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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
So I guess you would rather ride the pine for a top team than consistently play for a team in the same conference. Because Richmond is good but he is not seeing the top 6 at UVA for a while. I honestly don't understand why Oudshoorn and Rooda stick around considering they never play and would top 6 at every other ACC school outside of Duke.
I overheard something at UVa this fall that I had not realized. A coach for another school in Virginia (present at one of our fall tournaments) said that he knew that Brian Boland had offered to find a good school for players to transfer to if they were out of the top 6 and wanted more playing time, but the players consistently turned him down and stayed.

Playing against top opponents in practice, being well coached, and liking the coaches and teammates all seemed to be important to these players, so that playing time was not decisive.
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