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I am going to have my daughter's racquets restrung and am seeking advice on string set up for 12-14 year old girls. Previously, she tried a full bed of luxilons but it gave her elbow problems. Recently, we tried a hybrid of RPM blast with Prince Synthetic gut at 58 lbs. She was happy with this setup and got good results, however, the PSG was prone to breakage. She practices about 4-5 times a week and plays at least one tournaments per month. I am looking at a full bed of RPM blast but lowered to 54 lbs, on the recommendation of another parent. Any thoughts on this set up? Parents and junior players, please chime in with your set up, for comparison purposes. Thanks!
When my daughter was 12 she used multi. When she was 14 she used MSV Focus Hex 1.23/Forten Sweet 16 gut at 51/53 on 95" racket. Cost < $5 per stringing. After 15 - full co-poly. Advice (I am cheap):
1. Buy a stringer and string yourself
2. Use cheapest hybrid
3. Use a tool to measure tension loss.
4. Find tension threshold when strings become unplayable. Find out how many hours racket is still playable.
5. Restring when strings break or threshold reached
6. Want brand-name strings - get sponsored.

Actually I saw what RPNY installed for a 12 yo. girl on a 95" racket. RPM17/Excel 17 at 52/54lb. Do not want to mention price but this is a cash cow setup.
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