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I asked the same questions a year ago and got this from PT_360. My son has been using this setup ever since. He liked it a lot more than the full RPM setup.

One issue my son had with the is brittle. It actually snaps at the grommet, in cold weather, if you take a big swing and have a mishit. We had at least 3 (fairly new RPM strings) breakages that way. Kind of expensive at $16 a pop.

==Original post from PT_360 ===========
as klu said try hybrid, it is cheaper and softer, maybe not 18g mains which might snap as well if you are snapping 17g poly mains in a week
I would recommend solinco mains Rev 17g at 52 with gosen 17g cross 54lbs, that will be $7.50 per set up

Originally Posted by BSPE84
I have basically the same set up but with Solinco Tour Bite and Gosen 53/55. Do you know how Rev and TB compare? Thanks.

Rev is crisper than TB, from what I experienced, TB is softer, i thought Rev had more bit than TB for some strange reason , and I liked it better, both had Gosen cross ,
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