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Luxilon Playtest String 2011

Stringing: Definitely an atypical Luxilon offering. This strung up almost as easily as a WeissCANNON or MSV poly. Its profile may have something to do with it, but it has a strange feeling even going through the grommets. It's like a rifled barrel vs. smooth bore. This stuff has zero resistance whatsoever going through grommet holes. For something that trivial it means it's pretty noticeable if I bother to mention it. While doing the crosses, they simply glide across one another. No friction at all. Knots were super easy, and simply typical left fingertip soreness from weaving polyester. Stringing this stuff makes Adrenaline look like PSGD and ALU Rough would be Maxim Touch in comparison. Honestly, it simply wove like an easy poly. Did not feel stiff in the hand, typical coil memory, but zero problems in untangling as it simply didn't get tangled. In my experience, that is not the Luxilon way. Strung at 47/47.

Groundstrokes: I will not waste your time by giving my detailed analysis of every sort of shot that this string produces. I also won't waste your time in telling you how much I think it should be priced at. I definitely won't waste your time in suggesting what type of player would benefit from this string. Why? Let me put it like this with zero hyperbole: this is the worst polyester string I have ever played with. I am playing the best tennis of my life right now, and even during short-court warmup, the strings had that characteristic Luxilon dead feeling. No power, no feel, nothing. Off the baseline, there was no power on any wing. I was working so hard to get the ball over the net that it became tiring just trying to adapt to it. I switched immediately to my normal gut/CoFocus. Instead of balls going into the bottom of the net, they were getting stuck into the net because they were so heavy. That's typical of my groundstrokes these days. With the gut/CoFocus, I can swing out and let the spin do the work for me. With this orange Lux, I could swing my arm off and the ball would do absolutely nothing for me. On both wings, I actually really liked the Spin Cycle string from the previous Wilson/Lux playtest. This should not even have come from the same place, and the Spin Cycle string is just average-good. Cliff-notes: no power, no feel, unpredictable response, no control since the ball doesn't go anywhere.
Overall: 6/10

Serves: I need my serve to be heavy. If it's not moving with pace and spin, then it's not "on". No matter what I tried, this orange stuff couldn't get me anywhere. It seriously feels like stringing ALU at 65lbs: just wooden feeling.
Overall: 6/10

Volleys: Do I have to bother if there's no feel on the groundstrokes?
Overall: 5/10

Durability: Perhaps this is my fault then. Maybe, just maybe, this stuff needs to break in. So, with that said, I will call this my preliminary review. It's not notching, strings are still snapping back, and definitely hasn't gone dead. We'll just see.
Overall: 7/10

If you don't know me by now, I truly feel that it's important to give my 100% honest opinion when it comes to the things I'm passionate about. This string is the reason that I have not once ever recommended a Luxilon offering to one of my stringing clients. I've only strung it if they've specifically requested it (as I do stock it, knowing people will want it) or have brought it to be strung. In a word, this poly is frustrating. It simply makes shots harder to pull off. It's not harsh like ALU nor inherently stiff. It simply feels dead. That's the only way I can describe it. Even strung in the high 47s, this stuff felt dead. My hitting partner even asked me why I wasn't putting the same amount of pace on my shots as I normally do. Trust me, I was trying. As soon as I switched to my go-to setup, I was back. Here is my caveat: I am an all-court player with a large serve. That's it. I don't counter-punch, play defensively, serve and volley or even retrieve. I just play the ball where it is, and put it where I think it needs to be to set up the point. Nothing fancy. With this poly, good luck on a running forehand or backhand. I hate to sound so negative, but I truly did not care for this in the slightest, especially considering I did rather like the white poly we were sent last week to playtest. Kinder cliff-notes: I'll play it again to see if it breaks in. However, if it plays this poorly for 2 hours, then it's not worth any break-in period in the first place.

Overall: 6.75/10
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