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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
I feel the same way. My phone does a good job when I have to use it for internet.

I almost want to crack up at folks that have the ipod, iphone, AND ipad by their side. The iPhone made the iPod useless and the iPad is a big screen iPhone minus the ability to make calls.

There are times I actually want to do things that do not require going online or being near a computer of any sort. I never caught on with the tablet craze. I'm just taking a look at a few of them, but I don't know if they suit my lifestyle. I just feel like the iPad is a status-symbol toy. Can't see myself getting one. Even if I get a tablet, not sure if I would get one that has 3G capability. My phone has 3G and I don't want to pay for two 3G plans.
Used to think the same way until I had an IPad
It's so much more comfortable reading the newspapers or looking up something on the web compared to the small screened IPhone. I have both, IPhone and IPad, and both do different jobs for me. With the IPad I can work on e.g. presentations while sitting in a plane or train. And posting to TT is so convenient...
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