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Originally Posted by Magic of tennis View Post
Wouldn't laptops do better job than iPad or tablets? It has bigger ram and bigger hard drive. And you can download almost every single programs exist in the world. Only difference I can is cover. One has cover and the other doesn't have it. Well isn't having a cover better for gagets for screen protection? Can somebody convince me that tablet is better than laptops please? If someone convince me, I might buy one on this Black Friday
Other than instantly getting information or showing something (i.e. directions, reviews, etc.) to someone on the spot with a tablet, tablets aren't any better than laptops. Sure tablets are lighter and have apps for it. I just don't like that iPads have internal batteries (if the battery goes, have to replace the whole unit) and that they lack expansion slots. Also I am skeptical about some Android vendors being able to provide OS updates for their products. Adobe has abandoned support for Flash on mobile devices so the expectation is that HTML 5 will finally come into its own.

I might just go for a Honeycomb Android tablet on the low-end and just buy a cheap SD memory card for expansion.
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