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Originally Posted by Magic of tennis View Post
Wouldn't laptops do better job than iPad or tablets? It has bigger ram and bigger hard drive. And you can download almost every single programs exist in the world. Only difference I can is cover. One has cover and the other doesn't have it. Well isn't having a cover better for gagets for screen protection? Can somebody convince me that tablet is better than laptops please? If someone convince me, I might buy one on this Black Friday
Any device fills in for different needs, I would say. I use the MacBook when I am on the road, e.g. going to conventions and am sure I will have a decent hotel room or a spot at the convention center where I can work. The IPad comes in handy during flights, or at places where a Notebook would be inconvenient, e.g. When lying by the pool
The IPad is small enough to be carried around in a woman's handbag, needs no accessories, like mouse, or a huge AC connector. So, when it only comes to presenting something at a convention (which is a major part of my job) I just rely on my IPad. The presentation files are stored on it and you can connect it to any beamer.
And: my MacBook's battery lasts only about 1/2 to 2/3 the time my IPad lasts. If you are just writing texts or creating presentations without using the 3G functionality, you can work for more than 15 hours without recharging it.

I would say if you do not have a notebook at this time, you should first think of buying a decent notebook. I always suggest going Mac, but if you're more a Windows-Man, it's ok.
If you already have a notebook, well, then think about expanding your view with an IPad.

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