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Originally Posted by Magic of tennis View Post
Wouldn't laptops do better job than iPad or tablets? It has bigger ram and bigger hard drive. And you can download almost every single programs exist in the world. Only difference I can is cover. One has cover and the other doesn't have it. Well isn't having a cover better for gagets for screen protection? Can somebody convince me that tablet is better than laptops please? If someone convince me, I might buy one on this Black Friday
Sure laptops do a great job. However, the Android Market is nothing to sneeze at and really is a game changer, similar to iPad in this regard. Tablets are great for people who are always moving around, constantly juggling things and really need the quick and easy usability that tablets provide. They power up faster. Everything you need to use them begins and ends with the tablet itself. Ninety to ninety-five percent of what you can do on laptops you can do on tablets. The difference in percentage really has to do with proprietary software and games. Games are mostly offset by Android Market games.

One of the biggest selling points for tablets really lies with the mobile phone consumer market that is a few years old now. Everybody is creating apps nowadays. These apps allow someone to quickly and easily get pertinent information in their hand. The apps are also often faster than going to individual websites and having to log in etc. I would say tablets are similar to going from a television you have to get up and turn the knob to change channels to one that works via remote control. Simply put, tablets do almost everything laptops do only they do it quicker and easier. Also, cloud computing has really negated hard drive storage differences.
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