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Originally Posted by Magic of tennis View Post
I don't understand why people buy tablet instead of laptop. I thought laptop is much better. I can't think of any use of them for me. My desk top works good and on the move, my iphone does job for me. it is slow but can find things I need.
I have had a laptop for years and used it over my ipad for daily tasks. The ipad 2 took it to the next level, as it is very fast and so mobile. The battery lasts all day (I get 2 days of tons of usage or 1 week of lighter usage) so I am not tethered to anything. No whirring fans, hot lap or slow loading. It is a super fast device that does everything faster than my laptop, and it is only $500.

You can sit there and skype with family, or use facetime. Another thing I do is I bought an appletv device and will play spotify through it. So when I have people over, I can use the Ipad to remotely control the music coming through my stereo. Or I can watch youtube on my TV and use the ipad as the remote. It makes youtube 1,000 times better when you are just on the sofa and watching it on a fullscreen.

I rarely miss not having FLASH, because most imbedded youtube vids play, or you click the link and it opens the youtube app anyway. Flash drains your power a lot faster and is inefficient, plus it is rapidly being phased out from mobile devices, so you will not even need it.

Anyway, I used to use my laptop and the ipad was more for certain things, like spotify, movies and laying in bed reading. It has just naturally evolved to where my laptop is powered off for weeks and I don't even need it anymore. I just walk in and pick up my ipad and use it for everything.
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