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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
In my trials of gut/poly versus poly/gut, I've noticed that spin and power are better with gut mains. However, directional control, especially redirecting shots, suffers.

The spin is actually too much for my liking with gut/poly, except I do like it on serving kickers. My issue, is that I am still too much of a flat-hitter. For that end, neither setup has ended up being my personal choice.

However, for those looking for comfort and spin, gut/poly is worth a few tries (it may take a couple to dial in proper tension).
I like the sound of too much spin although I'm flattening more balls out than I used to as my legs slow down.

Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I'm stringing WT in the low 50s. It's really not a high powered gut.
Ok good. That should work perfect.
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