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Thanks atatu! I have several old tennis books with pictures of Dennis Ralston in them as examples of excellent tennis technique and form. His prime as an amature was before I started playing, but, I always found him to be a fascinating player and person, for as much as I didn't know about him as what I did.

PS: FYI, it's "Pancho" not Poncho.

PPS: I like this quote: "The guy I had the toughest time with, personally, was Roy Emerson. I played him a lot. He was an attacking player, and really fast, I think he still holds the long jump record in Australia for high school athletes. He was the mark, we all said we wanted to be as fit as Roy Emerson, because he never got tired." IMO, Emmo doesn't get the recognition he deserves.[/

Problem with Emerson is that he squipped the pros to make a very good living and filling his pockets with glory in the quite depleted amateur ranks ( only Osuna,Stolle and Santana could spell serious trouble to him ).
Frank Froehling beat him at the U.S. Nationals. Anyway, Ralston played all of the greats from the 60's and cites Emmo as his toughest opponent. That means something.
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