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Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
Very interesting NonP. If a radar gun was present, did you notice what kind of speed Chang was getting?

Yes, Courier and Chang volley very well. Chang had surprising touch and reflexes at the net, Courier was solid. Agassi had POTENTIAL, but under pressure, he occasionally just BRICK a volley 20 feet long, with Roddick-hands.
Data, 1st of all sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately there was no radar gun present, but according to my own optical (and admittedly fallible) radar I'd say Chang clocked in at 120-125 mph tops. Certainly no more than Fed's regular serves. It was more placement than power, as one might have expected.

And speaking of which, when Agassi was warming up with Courier before the match he kept bricking the volleys 20-30 feet long, obviously with his tongue fully in the cheek. I'm sure that's a shtick he has pulled many times in exos.

Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
Correct! Agassi has always been an extremely talented player in every respect, including having great touch. His only real weakness was hitting on the stretch, and the diminution of his kick serve in the later half of his career, which he explained was the result of a congential lumbar spine defect. But for that, he may have been greater than Sampras.
But you gotta admit, Agassi didn't approach the net a whole lot to take full advantage of that supposedly great touch of his.

I also agree about Chang and Courier's net play. The best net player I've seen over the past 6-7 years is probably Nalbandian. After that maybe Ralph. So, the bar isn't that high.
Hmm... not so sure about this. Both are two-handers, so there's that additional hassle of a grip change for the volley. And I think Fish for one is more comfortable at the net.

But you did say "net player," which isn't exactly the same thing as "volleyer."
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