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Data, 1st of all sorry about the late reply. Unfortunately there was no radar gun present, but according to my own optical (and admittedly fallible) radar I'd say Chang clocked in at 120-125 mph tops. Certainly no more than Fed's regular serves. It was more placement than power, as one might have expected.

I would give quite a bit of credence to your optical radar, given all the good posts I've read from you before. Yes, that speed range, is about where I would expect Chang to top out now...I notice that in the seniors, he's hit some big flat serves, lots of power, but doesn't throw his small body into it quite the same way when he was really trying to unload in the halcyon days. (maybe that's good....maybe his percentages are better!) At the same time, if he uses a big babo, it probably gives an extra "free" 5mph over his Chang POG.

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And speaking of which, when Agassi was warming up with Courier before the match he kept bricking the volleys 20-30 feet long, obviously with his tongue fully in the cheek. I'm sure that's a shtick he has pulled many times in exos."
Funny! Agassi was the worst I remember for the groaner volley....I saw him volley very well in practice a couple of times....then at say...the USO, he's suddenly rush the net, but actually at a good time, getting a really weak, high return, still he'd look rushed, run through it, and volley it into a linesman at the back. The crowd groans....LOL

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Hmm... not so sure about this. Both are two-handers, so there's that additional hassle of a grip change for the volley. And I think Fish for one is more comfortable at the net.
Talking about top players perhaps? We almost always are to some degree...otherwise names like Leander Paes, and Richey Reneberg would be brought up a lot
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