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Originally Posted by rbun1 View Post
Just got Federer RG 2010 Customised Shoes.. btw, what was the price for Nadal Davis Cup 2011 Shoes?
These are really interesting shoes. They are quite different to the French Open shoes he wore but a cool variation on the retail model.

They have the proper upper material of the LL Vapour Tour, but the wear guard on the toes and on the inside foot area is different to the retail model which was smooth and glued on, not stitched as your shoes. The wear guard on yours is the same as Federer's FO custom V6s.

Federer wore purely painted Vapour 6s which didn't have the plastic fit-frame. (yours do)

Likewise, while yours have custom outsoles on them they have the LL Vapour Tour midsole and trimming. Federer's custom shoes were different again. His had the V6 squared front edge on the black part of the outsole and also a white Nike logo on the bottom. His were also herringbone pattern while yours are grasscourt. So yours are different from retail and Fed customs.

The tongue says Lunarlon but the retail version of this colourway said Lunarlite as they hadn't got around the changing it at that stage. (I went through two pairs). Likewise, the retail model didn't have the RF logo on either the tongue or the back.

Also - although they are closer to his Halle shoes they're not the same as those either. The Halle shoes also squared V6 front of the outsole - plus the longer tongue which his shoes always have. They also didn't have the fitframe from the LL Vapour Tour which yours does.

In short: you have some seriously awesome shoes there. Very special and one of the best colourways. However they are basically the retail model with a different outsole and the RF logo added to the tongue/back.

Some images for comparison:

Nike logo on sole

V6's more squared shaping of outsole (the black part)

His were custom V6s so no LL Vapour Tour fitframe as on yours

Halle shoes - no LLVT fit-frame and you can see they have the V6 mid-sole cut (at the back where the white midsole line has a step in it where it meets the black outsole).

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