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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
These are really interesting shoes ..... However they are basically the retail model with a different outsole and the RF logo added to the tongue/back.
That surely is interesting.. Well, it is obviously different with the one Fed wore, mine is the customised retail version, so basically it is still Vapor 7 but customised to be similar with Fed's shoes.. Well, I am still not that familiar with Vapor shoes as this is the first time for me to collect Vapor shoes..

I know that Fed always wear Vapor 6, and this shoes is definitely Vapor 7.. I have Vapor 6 and 7, so I can differentiate them directly and they are totally not the same, so this shoe is Vapor 7.. There is also a card stating that the shoes are "Promotional", and there is also "Sample Request", with the model name as Lunar Vapor Tour RF Grass, etc.. Last, on the box, it has totally different tag with those on retail shoes box.. So I can say that it is not the exact RF shoes but the RF customised version of Vapor 7..

You can see the inside of the tongue:-

The Card:-

This is the box:-
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