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Congrats to the brave souls who hazarded a guess.

Atatu, yes, Pugh played with the profile as did a few other atp players at the time, but I assume Pugh has retired.

A good try Ball Machine but the Instinct is not near wide enough....this racquet was a monster.

Mlee....I'm assuming this was a joke?

John, good thinking with the Scud serve experiment but as you pointed out that was not tournament play. HOWEVER, you were on the right track when you pondered Mr. Agassi.

During the spring of 1990, Agassi used briefly a 31mm oversize widebody granny stick prototype which was later released as the Donnay Ultimate Pro. He used it in the clay court season warm up and discontinued by the French Open. I recall that asked about the switch right at the beginning of the French, Andre replied that going back to the Donnay Pro One was like going back to an old friend so it wouldnt' take him any adjustment time and indeed it didn't as the Pro One took him the final that year.

I still have a couple matches on tape with that widebody The highlights being that after Andre had built an insurmountable lead, he would then proceed to blast the ball with all his might. As Roscoe Tanner commented "it's like he has a new toy and he just wants to see how hard he can possibly hit the ball". Already though I could see that a few of his shots were suffering,notably short balls where he clearly was (for Andre) babying the ball, unable to hit out freely and still be confident of dropping it inside the court. Andre said at the time that he didn't need more power, he just wanted to be able to generate it more easily. That racquet definitely fulfilled that wish but I think Andre came to see the drawbacks outweighed the benefits.
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