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I wanted to jump on here and provide an update as I have had the pleasure of trying a variety of strings from them. First off let me say that they are a great company to deal with. Ray is first class and the shipping has been lightning fast!!

I've tried the Black Mamba, Mamba Gear, Mamba Penta, Mamba spin. I used to play RPM Blast at about 59 mains and 61 crosses and did not care for the Mamba strings in this tension range. At the suggestion of others on the board as well as Ray I have lowered my tension and am now stringing these at about 47-49 mains and 45-46 crosses. I have to say that at this lower tension they really seem to shine.

About me I am a 4.5 player that uses a lot of spin off the FH and Serve (slice and kick) and hits a pretty flat 2HBH. I have been using Head TGK238.2 but have recently been moving towards the BLX Blade98. I find that this string is really quite exceptional in this frame. I think at present my favorite is the Mamba gear despite my not liking it on my initial try. I have also converted a couple of teammates over to this that used to be RPM users and I string for them.
I'm happy to answer and specific questions any of you have about specific strings as well.
And before anyone asks, no I am not affiliated with Mamba in any way.
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