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Originally Posted by AhmedD View Post
I never saw anyone objecting to the scheduling of the WTFs until it moved to London. Will you just shut the hell up, why was no one pointing this out when it was taking place in Shanghai. Nadal had a long break prior to this, Djokovic had a week break and said his serving was 100% prior to his first match. Djokovic was not burned out, he was making a ton of UE's, but he was still covering the court like a monster. It's his offensive game that he can't get a hold of, has nothing to do with physical burnout, it's mental. Part of being a good tennis player is the ability to endure the season even when playing a lot. Stop trying to make excuses for any player, Ferrer's playing style is also demanding, I didn't see him burned out, and he's been playing a lot this year. It is also Nadal's fault that he wasn't being aggressive enough, it is Djokovic's fault that he couldn't keep his offense from falling apart. I will say this again, none of the players have an excuse for being physically incapable of playing, except maybe Murray since he genuinely seemed off physically rather than being mentally absent.
What a load of rubbish. I don't think anyone who has really played tennis would agree with this daft statement. Ferrer was burned out today. Tennis has changed greatly and Federer's decline is testament to that fact that he could no longer compete the way he used to. And don't tell me to 'shut the hell up' if you can't chose better phraseology don't reply
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