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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Not to be 'that guy', but, be grateful you don't have to use illegal streams as your only medium for watching tennis, like some of us. Though your complaint isn't as bad as one guy here on TW who wouldn't watch tennis unless it was in HD.

And though I can only watch on constantly skipping illegal streams, it is still better than 10 years ago when one could only see grand slam tennis, and only then if it was not pre-empted by wrestling, NASCAR, curling or darts.
i feel your pain

not all the streams are illegal, tho ... for instance, the LSH is associated with a sports gambling site online, and i wouldnt be surprised if those betting sites have contracts with the broadcasters ... tho you usually have to join ... unfortunately, americans are mostly blocked from joining (at least, i've never been "allowed" by the site to register.

also there's the fact that the ATP is extremely proprietary, and when they don't broadcast the doubles matches (which is most of the time), then nobody else does ... at least that I know of

luckily, for the WTF, offers subscription by day and/or tournament ... it seems reasonable and is high quality, tho not perfect ... and the price seems reasonable ...

grand slams are not atp products, and some of them offer doubles matches along with the singles ... but access depends on territory
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