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Originally Posted by rofl_copter3 View Post
The end of year finals are so much more impressive to win because of the fatigue of playing for 10 months saying Federer should have had to beat Murray Djokovic and nadal who he beat handily isn't fair considering they had an opportunity to make it to a point where they would play him they just couldn't cuz their younger legs let them down...
Yeah. Looks like the young fellas maxed themselves out during the regular season to be at the top of the pile. Throws up an interesting scenario for next year though. Fed looks fresh and playing better than he has in a while or at least more consistently well. If he follows the same regime and is at the same level,are the other guys going to be able to put in the same pre season training that they did last year to get back to the the top? Can their bodies handle it or have we reached the physical limit with regards to tennis players and their maximum potential?
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