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Originally Posted by rofl_copter3 View Post
The end of year finals are so much more impressive to win because of the fatigue of playing for 10 months saying Federer should have had to beat Murray Djokovic and nadal who he beat handily isn't fair considering they had an opportunity to make it to a point where they would play him they just couldn't cuz their younger legs let them down...

Just once, I would like to see people stop drawing arbitrary lines and admit the truth: it is a credit to Federer that he is able to perform this well this late in the season and say relatively injury/fatigue/unmotivated-free vs. the other top players....and that is a demerit to the rest of the top 4 that they haven't been able to do what Federer has. They all have their credits -- Djokovic his all-time great season, Nadal his FO, Murray whatever got him to #4 -- but lets be fair here.
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