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looking forward to the review. My wrist is acting up so I have pulled out my V1 Classic strung with natural gut. Pretty sure, if past experience holds true, that my wrist will respond to the plush V1. But I have to believe that the newer materials have allowed the designers to improve the racket. The published weight is pretty low, so I would also be interested in how you have adjusted that.
Thanks for your continued great info on the game and particularly on volkl frames!

All the best


It's very plush on-contact, and the light weight is also not an issue--I speak as someone who moves back-n-forth between a 396 gram PB 10 Mid and a 385 gram London Tour. Your hand automatically makes the adjustment for the lighter weight and greater balance/heft towards the head. You just play with a looser hand, which greatly adds pace, and aids with reducing the shock to the arm. When applying topspin, the stick has a tremendous amount of bite, and remains torsionally stable at impact, and still feels crazy cushioned.

Thanks for the props!
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