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Originally Posted by Kevin Patrick
do you know which tournaments/matches Andre used this racquet in? just curious, I looked up his 1990 season at & it said he just played one claycourt event (hamburg) before the French. Was it Atlanta? I recall that it was an exhibition tourney before becoming a tour event.
That's exactly right I think Kevin. The matches I still have are from the exhibition, easy wins over Mayotte/Scott Davis/David Wheaton as well as Yzaga in the final. Then I also recall him playing only 1 warm up(Hamburg). Although I did not see that match, I heard he was playing with the widebody again...I assume it was somewhere in or around this loss that he might have been questioning the widebody as he had been seemingly thrilled with it during the AT&T exhibition.

Now, the only thing I'm not sure of is (maybe someone can help) is whether or not he actually STARTED his FO 1st round with the widebody. He was down at the beginning of the match(possibly against Layendecker?) and there was an incident with him breaking some racquet/s before coming back to win. By the end of the match, which I saw, he was using the Pro One again. Anyhow, I believe he either switched between Hamburg and the FO or actually in the 1st round of the FO! In any case, that is why they asked him in the press conference about the no lead time racquet switch.
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