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Originally Posted by Midlife crisis
You have got to be absolutely out of your mind or totally unknowledgeable.





There are 113 more abstracts available using the keywords "anabolic", "steriod", and "cancer".

And even more consumer oriented sites like this:


This advice is as bad as I have seen on this board.

No reason to be rude.

I appreciate your attempt but you did not read your PubMed articles at all.

#1 BS no solid case studes to back up
#2 BS study, first "association with anabolic steriod therapy" They are not saying that the hormones are responsible for the liver cancer rather they think that it may have played a part, read the study right.

Further more "developed a hepatoma after 50 months of therapy with anabolic steroids is reported" Once again they are just going by his word, no facts at all, they don't know what drug or even the dose what a joke, and after 4 years of treatment with any "drug" theraputic or not you will have adversideffects end of story

#3 This is an old woman 35 years old and they had her taking 60mg for 3 years! We don't even know if she was taking any other hormones such as forms of estrogen from birth control, this is not conclusive

#4 Sad this is the same study as #2

#5 just some stupid kids site

Further more lets top this off that these are cases of the liver, liver is only possibly affected by 1 type of AAS and it has nothing to do with the hormone itself rather it is designed so that the liver can not break it down (alpha attachment) as waste otherwise it would not enter the blood stream, the liver is having to work harder. There are other drugs that have a simular configuration that are used everyday and are perscribed to the elderly every day.

Injectable hormones with out the special attachment do not affect the liver in any way such as testosterone which is exactly the same that we have running though our bodys.

And let me seal this right up and end it.

DAWN’s Detailed Emergency Department Tables for 2002

Drug Name — Number of Mentions (Rank out of Top 150 drugs)

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) — 28,720 (Ranked 8th)

Alcohol-in-combination — 207,395 (Ranked 1st)

Marijuana — 119,362 (Ranked 3rd)

Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) — 3,327 (44th)

Aspirin — 7,494 (25th)

Fluoxetine (Prozac) — 5,770 (29th)

Alprazolam (Xanax) — 27,659 (9th)

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) — 5,430 (32nd)

Ibuprofen (Advil) — 15,867 (14th)

Oxycodone (OxyContin) — 14,996 (15th)

Naproxen (Aleve) — 4,576 (35th)

Caffeine — 1,999 (59th)

Amoxicillin — 830 (89th)

Codeine — 1,237 (73rd)

Pseudoephedrine — 658 (A decongestant used in every cold/sinus formula around) (101st)

Hydrocodone — 2,420 (51st)

Celecoxib — 775 (93rd)

Morphine — 2,775 (48th)

Ephedrine — 1,033 (79th)

Warfarin — 647 (103rd)

Albuterol — 628 (105th)

Prednisone — 348 (137th)

Multivitamin with Minerals — 376 (131st)

Herbal Products — 415 (126th)

Metformin — 505 (116th)

Cocaine — 199,198 (2nd)

Heroin — 93,519 (4th)

Androgens/Anabolic Steroids — 319 (142nd)

Drugs are dangrous weather it is asprin, alcohol, pain killers, sleep drugs, good drugs that help with diabetics, drugs that enhance lipid profiles, ect ect

Do you remember Vioxx, we found various SSRI drugs that were fully safe and perscribe to children to kill people upon stoping usage, Ritalin is perscribe to children like candy, methanphetamine used to be part of diet pills and foods that you could buy at your local super market, coain used to be in coca-cola products, Heroin was once a cure all drink, accutane strongly perscribed was found to cause suicide.
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