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Yes, and a frying pan is also dangerous if used incorrectly (hitting someone on the head with it instead of using it to prepare dinner). Asserting the above to be dangerous drugs begs the question; nearly all surgical procedures have far higher morbidity and mortality rates than anything listed above, but we don't eliminate them because we know their life-saving and health-sparing benefits justify the risk. Nearly anything is risky if used incorrectly. Geodon and Mellaril appear above because correct use of them requires an EKG to assess QTc interval before prescribing. If one does that, they are quite safe. One could not use them, and spend the rest of one's life in a psychotic and perhaps suicidal state. Zyvox is a marvelous and safe antibiotic. One needs to know before prescribing it that there are certain meds that, if used in combination, could induce a serotonin syndrome. Simple enough. (In fact, even if that error is made, there are rarely any consequences.) One could go on about other drugs on this list. And the above post about drugs involved in ER visits refers to generally large overdoses, which can obviously lead to problems. Are you a nihilist, Jackson? Do you post this list in the hope that medically unsophisticated readers will refuse Zyvox, for example, if it is recommended to them as the drug of choice for a serious infection? Can you tell me ONE antibiotic that cannot at least rarely have serious side effects? Yet, antibiotics are considered the reason that worldwide life expectancy has increased enormously in the past half century. What's your point?
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