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Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
So, it's your opinion.

Is it opinion or fact?
Opinion of course and I should have wrote that but I would think by the ways many of us value tennis accomplishments that many would agree with me. In terms of majors Djokovic has three, in terms of winning percentage a number of players are better. In terms of winning matches many are better.

Don't get me wrong I was rooting for Djokovic to go unbeaten and win the Grand Slam considering how he started out. But his play at the end of the year is disappointing. It's not his fault because he was injured.

A high winning percentage is hard to sustain is you play a lot of matches. The wear and tear causes a lot of injuries. That's why I find it incredible that some of the players of the past like Laver, Rosewall, Gonzalez and Borg could do so well despite playing so much. Many played with injuries. Even recently a player like Vilas in 1977 played an incredible amount of matches but won two majors and a huge amount of tournaments. I believe Vilas played around 150 matches that year.

Edit-According to an article on the ATP website Vilas was 145-14 in 1977.

Here's a sample of Vilas' play in 1977 against Jimmy Connors.

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