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Originally Posted by fedhead83829 View Post
I have watched countless videos of fed playing and practicing, because mainly i am obsessed, and ive recently noticed since he has been using the "BLX paint job" racket (whether it is or it isnt the real blx doesnt really matter to me), I have NEVER seen him hit a shot where the black side wasnt on top and the red wasnt on the bottom.. even after spinning the racket, during a point, etc.. always goes back to black on top and red on bottom.. So, I have been going crazy trying to find the reasoning behind this.. I have search this site and others to try and find a reason for this because I really am a beginner when it comes to custom equipment, equipment maintenance and the "inside" world of pro tennis.. My thought so far; I realize that there must be a custom grip or some kind of rib to help him find it but thats not exactly my question.. My question is more why? My ideas on this has run from maybe a different kind of stringing job my help on one side or another since he will always hit his forehands and serves on the same side and backhands on the opposite.. Or, maybe his has it weighted one side and not the other? like at 3 oclock and NOT 9 oclock so it would change the weighting if he were to hit with the opposite side (that 3oclock/9oclock is for an example to explain because i really dont know and i am extremely curious). I am growing more and more curious by every post I read about the different methods and tricks people/pros use to help improve their tennis game. Any comments or an answer would greatly help my sanity. Thanks!
Because the black side looks alot better.
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