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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
I agree. It seems as though, judging from the last two months, Djok and Ralph have paid a heavy price for their '11 battles. As I posted at least once, it reminds me of the heavyweight boxing scenario of the 70's. Ali/Frazier 1thru3 created an opening for Foreman to become kingpin, only to be undone by a rejuvenated, craftier Ali in the Rumble in the Jungle. Ali came back strong, Frazier disappeared and Foreman was crushed for a long while. Can Fed reprise Ali's role for a return to the top spot? We'll see in '12!
Federer says he's still improving. I think the biggest question for Federer in 2012 is his mental ability. When he is 100% focused, he is clearly the best tennis player in the world. Better than Rafa and Djoko's 100%.
Keep at it and cover all your bases; you will improve :)
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