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Cool ^^^

Believe as you wish...the two eras are incomparable. Tennis is not a "measured" sport. Usain Bolt beats Jesse Owens, no question asked but why?
Evolution is the answer. Millenia man is bigger, faster, stronger than 30's man. Training, nutrition, technology all have improved.

Tennis talent is not a "measurable" commodity. My point was if Murray and Laver ever met on a level playing field...Murray in the 60's OR Laver in the 10's, the result wouldn't be close. Bankroll Laver's talent with the $$$ now available and add the genetic evolution of man in affluent societies and you would have a six-foot-or-so player for the ages competing with Fed for GOAT status. Harness Murray with 60's shamateurism and genetics, wood racquet technology and low-grade training of those times and he's no different than the top 10er's of that era.
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