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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
The town pro sounds like, let me use the technical term, a tool. Have the "pro" call the cops, I'm sure they'd love to have their time wasted tending to the grievous matter of a dad giving free lessons.

If the pro has the court reserved then whoever is on there should vacate but otherwise, only jobsworths enforce every little rule.

So what's the rule on a ball basket if your teaching yourself how to serve?
Well around here the "town pro" has called cops on those teaching lessons on the public courts. In NorCal seems like there are many who want to "lock Down" the public courts with the city, and the high school courts are also part of the city in most areas. I always suspect they don't want anyone teaching, because if the same as here, they don't want parents seeing a good lesson from someone else, and think wow that is much better than your city program.
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