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Originally Posted by IvanisevicServe View Post
I'm not seeing Roger attempt and make the same types of shots he made in 03-06, though. It's Roger who's not reacting as well. The Federer we've seen since the 2007 Australian Open is mostly a "game plan" guy. He only rarely hits the "inventive" shot, or goes up a gear and starts blasting the ball from mid-air. He doesn't have as much variety as before. I mean, he still has some variety, but it seems much more contrived now.

The wrist flicks and carved backhand drop shots out of nowhere from before have been replaced with predictable forehand drop shots and "squash" shots, when he's on the full stretch.

Stylistically, he's just different. He still gets strong results with this new style, but for whatever reason, he has been a different player from 2007 on. That doesn't necessarily mean if he were playing his old style that he'd be dominating like before...but he'd be more fun to watch IMO.
Sure. But here is a healthy dose of reality from an unlikely source on this phenomenon of not playing as freely once the weight of certain expectations set in and a player's game matures -

Is much easier when you are a teenager, I think. When you have 17 or 18, everything is easier. You play with no pressure. You can win, you can lose, everything is fine. That's a different mentality. You can play more aggressive. For everybody is the same history I think, no?

When you arrive, you hit all the balls like crazy and without think, without pressure. When you are there (indicating at a high level) you start to think a little bit more about you have to play this shot, you have to play another shot, I can't lose this match, I have to win this match for sure.

That’s a little bit more problems. When you are coming up, you play quarterfinals perfect; you play semifinals fantastic; you play final very good; and if you win, is unbelievable. So when you are there, you play quarterfinals, say, Well, is good. Is not my tournament, but you are going back very happy at home.

So that is different view and different perspective of the game. So the pressure is higher when you are in the top. Seems like can be a different thing, but believe me, that's what happen
” - Rafael Nadal (stealing this from Tignor's article where he quoted this)
Take the teenager part out (since its about Nadal in his early stages - when he was a teenager) and supplant it with Roger's ascent.

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