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A number of tennis seasons are superior to Djokovic's 2011 but it was still a great year for Novak. Hopefully the other top players recover from their injuries to start the new tennis season healthy.

Here's a big question, I will eliminate Laver, Borg and Federer from discussions because it causes too many controversies but aside from them, what season is the best in the tennis open era?

McEnroe, Hoad, Lendl, Wilander, Rosewall, Connors, Vilas, Rosewall, Sampras, Agassi are candidates. I think for average level of play I would go with McEnroe in 1984. Connors in 1974 with three majors is impressive too. Rosewall's best years came before the open era in 1962 and 1963. While Wilander won three majors he also lost a lot in 1988.
If Agassi is a candidate then Djokovic and Nadal would have to be. Agassi never had a year that compares to Djokovic's 2011 or Nadal's 2010. Neither his 1995 or 1999 even come close. Nadal's 2008 is even probably superior to any year Agassi ever had. Actually Sampras never had a year that compares to Djokovic's 2011 or Nadal's 2010 either. Neither did Vilas, especialy as the French was a glorified exhibition in his best year. Neither did Rosewall or Hoad in the Open Era, neither even had a #1 year in the Open Era. Really an excess of needless names, if you are talking about potential the "best year" of the Open Era, not subjective arguments about careers or peak levels of play.

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