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No - it's not luck. Most high level players just develop a feel for the handle and the way they like to hold the stick facing the same direction every time. Some have custom handles - but most don't really have anything other than a custom size - some will have molded handle to favor one side - but most are just regular handles in custom sizes.

It's probably superstition as well - but the handle, buttcap and the way the grip is wrapped does feel different holding it one way or the other. And once you have been doing it a while you can spin the racket in between shots and still catch it in the same spot every time. I do this all the time. Just becomes habit.

This is what Fed is doing - he just likes to hold his stick they same way on the forehand every time - ditto on the backhand. Been doing if forever - just becomes more apparent with a PJ that's not symmetrical like the BLX. In this case with the black side up. P1 makes sure his grips are wrapped the same way on each one so they feel exactly the same and that the same side is "up".

Some players don't care - Fish being one of them if I'm not mistaken - but I'd say most tend to hold the racket the same way all the time.
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