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Originally Posted by corners View Post
I hope I understand your question. But almost all good players grip the handle so that one side is the "forehand" side and the other the "backhand" side. It has to do with the shape of the buttcap, the way the grip is wrapped, and how it fits into the hand. So Federer always hits his forehand with the same side of the buttcap in his palm and so always hits his forehand with the same side of the racquet face. He hits his backhand with the other side.

Even Justine Henin, who had semi-western grips on both forehand and backhand (pretty much the same grip for both, try it) switched side from forehand to backhand, probably for the same reason: the shape of the buttcap.
This is very true, though I believe it applies to recreational players as well. Due to the way I wrap my grip, I can tell which side of the racquet I am hitting with. I'm definitely not as consistent as Fed or other pros, and don't hit with the same side on a forehand. I just notice a difference in the feel of the grip.
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