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Originally Posted by DMan View Post
SO while maybe it looked like Djoker's year was greatest ever.....turned out it wasn't.
Is it opinion or fact?
Originally Posted by Datacipher View Post
The OP is, I am hoping, a child
No, I'm not a child. I'm 44 years old.
and he/she started a thread with a subjective term, and then, if somebody has an opinion that differs, they simply say: that's an opinion, not fact!
I have no problem if somebody has an opinion that differs. I have problem if somebody is stating opinions as if they were facts.
5555, why don't you tell us on what you based your assessment of Djoko's season?
My assessment? What did I say?
Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Opinion of course and I should have wrote that
So, it's opinion.
Originally Posted by vllaznia View Post
Its a fact, as an example Mcenroe in 1984 had 82-3 win-loss ratio which is much better than 70-6 of Djokovic's, is this fact good enough for you?
Is it fact that "statistically best season in history" translates as "best season in history"?
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