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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
If Agassi is a candidate then Djokovic and Nadal would have to be. Agassi never had a year that compares to Djokovic's 2011 or Nadal's 2010. Neither his 1995 or 1999 even come close. Nadal's 2008 is even probably superior to any year Agassi ever had. Actually Sampras never had a year that compares to Djokovic's 2011 or Nadal's 2010 either. Neither did Vilas, especialy as the French was a glorified exhibition in his best year. Neither did Rosewall or Hoad in the Open Era, neither even had a #1 year in the Open Era. Really an excess of needless names, if you are talking about potential the "best year" of the Open Era, not subjective arguments about careers or peak levels of play.
Itís a lot easier to have a dominant season now when all the surfaces play a lot closer to each other and all the tennis players play the same baseline game. You canít compare dominance now with dominance in the 90s. If youíre number 1 in the world now chances are youíre going to be a threat on any surface against any opponent. In the 90s you might be weaker on clay/grass / slow courts / fast courts. You might play better against grinders or serve and volleyers. Nobody has those concerns anymore. While being dominant is still a huge feat mentally, in terms of tennis skill itís not nearly as impressive.
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