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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
9 days post injury - tried to gently massage the calf last night but the area felt sore. Feels worse today as a result of the gentle massage.

Did anyone do anything to 'treat' the area or did they just leave it alone?
This is my second injury. Last time I did this was nearly 3 yrs ago. Back then I didn't stay off the leg for too long (couldn't because of work). I was walking w/ severe limp in 2-3 days. This time I went to crutches for several days, lots of compression, ice, motrin (NSAID), and very little total weight bearing.

I've been very conservative so far. After about 1-2 weeks, I walked w/ a limp. At 4 weeks, very little limp. Walking around the block. Tried shuffle type of run but started to feel tight. I've been doing frequent stretching of the soleus/gastrocnemius. Bought KT Tape (don't know if it'll do anything). Haven't massaged it - occasional heat gel to the leg.

I'll probably do more walking, and try to run. Might get out the bike. Might hit ball machine at about 6 weeks.
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