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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
I think he's in even worse shape now than in 2009. I am not convinced he is going to do well this weekend no matter how many 5 set clay matches he has lost. He's just such a mess right now,and that coupled with the match-up issue between he and Delpo,I think he might just be due for his second 5 set loss on clay.
He was also a mess in early 2010 until Monte came along. Then he was magically healed. Expect the same when he gets to his beloved clay.
He took care of Tsonga/Gasquet easily in the last DC matches, hardly breaking a sweat.
And furthermore, Spain rules clay. Argentina has no in-form players. I'm not counting Monaco because he has no weapons and is no threat on the grand stage. See what Federer did to Mr.In-Form Monaco at the USO? That was an embarrasment. Del Potro has no form coming in, he's done little to prepare. Nalbandian is a farce now who isn't big-match tough at all and no physical conditioning. And who cares about Chela?
Spain should tear Argentina apart on clay. Nadal alone could take care of the lot.
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