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Originally Posted by Clintspin View Post
I totally disagree. This girl and her dad have a playful relationship and I do not see her being verbally abused. She also has a good game even during a match while being moved around the court. The clip below shows that. Also the coach is just feeding for the video that day. He is more than likely a very good coach. Watch the clips.
I agree he didn't necessarily seem abusive. It seems she was giving it right back to him. Perhaps, that's how they relate to each other.

He was, however, one of those annoying parents that won't shut it during a the lesson. He should let the coach do his job.

As for her game, it does look loads better in the videos you posted. In the first video, her balls were all over the place. I wonder what the coach was trying to accomplish. It looked like a mess though her racquet head speed was tremendous for her age.
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