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Originally Posted by treeman10 View Post
Ya, it would be great, we could all be engineers with the same dream of going to Berkeley. Better yet, we could all become robots. Productivity and education is all that matters in life! No sports in college? Who wants to live such a vanilla dull existence? Soylent Green comes to mind.

Achieving academically is easy, we have a zillion 4.0 students a year and it isn't do much for us except overcrowding the schools. Now being a scholar and top tier athlete....that is amazing.

I see you are a Hall of Famer poster, interesting view on a tennis didn't play college tennis I assume?
I'm not sure about the other guy's playing history. But I was a D1 college player...I played in the lineup and received scholarship money at a top 10 ranked school. If you gave me a petition to sign to drop all of college athletics, I would sign it. In my experience, college tennis was a huge waste of money and time. Its not financially worth it for the school. IF they keep any sport it should be Football and Basketball in some places. Only because they generate revenue. Other then that, all sports should be dropped, academic instituions should be for academics only.

Just my opinion
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