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Originally Posted by gully View Post
The article makes it pretty clear that the causes are many:
  • lack of significant revenue from basketball and football
  • lack of state support
  • poor internal fundraising
  • overall economic doldrums
  • too many teams overall (3rd in conference)

To pick Title IX as the bogeywoman here, especially when both men's and women's teams are going to be cut unless they raise money, doesn't do the complexity of the situation justice. Without financial support -- from the state, the boosters, the revenue sports, the foundation -- it does seem very difficult for the institution to support nearly 30 non-revenue sports.
To be clear it's the way title IX is implemented and used is the daughter is at a D1 school in Maryland playing Lacrosse and choose that over tennis (she had offers for both) so I think title IX is needed and i love it. But the admins implement it in such a way it's usually the men's non rev teams that suffer.....all the reasons given above all lead back to football having 85 scholarships and if your team sucks and not bringing in $$$$ other sports suffer and the men's sports get to go first.
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